Our Farming Practices

At Quetzal Farm we work hard to grow fresh and tasty vegetables in a way that respects our environment. We grow everything organically, using no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) provides third party inspections to verify that we comply with USDA Organic Standards. We believe that certified organic standards are a good start for agriculture, but we take extra steps to protect and restore our agricultural ecosystem. We set aside portions of the farm to grow native plants, providing habitat for beneficial birds, insects and animals. We also fallow part of our production fields each year to build soil health.

Soil is the foundation for sustainable agriculture, which is farming with practices that can continue year after year without depleting the resources of the farm, watershed or planet.

We aggressively build organic matter with the addition of locally produced composts and cover crops that we grow in our crop rotations. With good quantities of organic matter in the soil we reduce our needs for outside inputs to make our crops healthier.

We respect our soil, only tilling when conditions are ideal. We minimize disturbing the soil to avoid depleting organic matter or disrupting the natural underground food web, which sustains our plants.

With a healthy and balanced soil crops thrive. We select varieties that are well adapted to our climate and soil, and do not require pesticides to grow well. Healthy soil and appropriate watering fosters strong and vigorous plants with greater natural resistance to pests.

Everyone who labors at Quetzal Farm loves and appreciates good food. We have a small but dedicated crew, that does extraordinary work. We work very hard in the summer and fall months, but maintain a positive and fun atmosphere. Our workers are the most important link in our production system.

We cook with all the varieties we grow and are always willing to share ideas and recipes. We are constantly sampling our produce to make sure that it is at its peak flavor. Once it is picked, our produce is packed with care and delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

We are very proud of our sustainable farming practices. It takes more work to grow plants in a sustainable manner. However, we end up with a superior product and a beautiful, thriving farm.


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