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Pepper Seedlings
We grow all of our own vegetable starts in our greenhouses to assure the healthiest and most well adapted plants possible. We source seeds from all over the world to create a mix of delicious vegetables that grow well in our area.

kevin and seedlings
Growing Cover Crops
We grow a cover crop of bell beans, purple vetch, and cayuse oats during the winter and early spring. This builds organic matter, adds nutrients, and protects soil from erosion. Each spring we mow and incorporate these crops into the soil with a spading machine.
cover crops incorporating cover crops
bed shaping and preparation Bed Shaping and Preparation
Raised beds are being formed to prepare for transplanting. The soil is the most important resource on our farm. We work hard to improve it’s quality and create a healthy soil ecosystem. We add compost, grow cover crops, and minimize tillage to increase the organic matter content and minimize fossil fuel use.
Recent Pepper Transplants
When our plants our ready and the soil warms in May, it is time to transplant into the fields. The months surrounding the summer solstice mean long days are ahead for us to water, weed, and care for our crops.
recent pepper transplants
basil in hoop house Basil in Hoop House
Early in the spring we plant basil and cucumbers in our hoop house. It is significantly warmer than outside, allowing us to harvest much earlier. The basil will grow into fall.
Restoration Work
Kevin mows down Harding grass for a planting of native grasses and plants in Summer 2007. Each year we try to do a little more to restore native habitat on the farm.
gypsy pepper pepper field rows

Gypsy Pepper Plant
This is a Gypsy pepper from Hungary, This and peppers like paprika are very popular in Hungary. Peppers and chilies originated in South America, but are now grown all over the world.

Pepper Field Rows
Productive pepper plants. In late summer and early fall we are busy picking the fruits of a long season of labor.

Mixed Sweet Peppers
Sweet peppers come in countless varieties, ranging in shape, color, and taste. We grow 20 types, and constantly trial new varieties. We pack more boxes of sweet pepper than any other vegetable.

Farm Market
Quetzal sells at the Saturday Berkeley Farmer’s Market.We love to meet and sell our produce directly to customers. This is where you get the freshest, tastiest food at the best price. Contact us to be added to our winter market email notification list.

Marcos is a great friend as well as rodent predator. His meow may be cute to us but gophers for acres around flee in terror.
yourng Marcos

paprika researchSalsa and Canned Products 

Quetzal Farm produces salsas and other canned products using our vegetables. We began going into a commercial kitchen in 2009. We offer all of our canned products at farmer’s markets. These include roast tomatoes, bloody mary mix, pasta sauce, and four types of salsas: sweet and mild, medium, hot, and chipotle.

Oak Silhouette
Sun Setting Behind Valley Oak. We preserve as much of the native landscape on our farm as possible. We believe that agriculture and nature should coexist and thrive in the same landscape.

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